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360 Degree Photo & Video Shoot Production in Bandung

At CMPTL we produce, not just 360 degree Video / Photo shoot in Bandung but a strong online presence that ensure quicker results.

CMPTL is an award winning studio for the Production of 360 degree Photo Shoot and 360 degree Video shoot services in Bandung. We guide businesses through the complete process of production so that they have great experiences along the way. Over the last decade and half, we have helped and guided organisations to achieve outstanding results in demonstrating their properties to their audience through 360 degree Photo shoot and 360 degree Video shoot services.

As a leading 360 degree Video shoot and 360 degree Photo Shoot Production agency in Bandung, we provide a wide range of services and delivery formats which include but are not limited to elements mentioned below.

  • Pre-Production:
    • Planning
    • Conceptualizing
    • Site / Property Inspection
    • Briefing to the People involved in the shoot about the process
    • Sanitizing the Property for the Proper positioning of the elements in the Property.
    • Lighting Management
    • Costume
    • Makeup
    • Actors
    • Screenplay
  • Production:
    • Direction
    • Shooting of 360 degree Photo and 360 degree Video
  • Post-Production:
    • Editing
    • Photo and Video Corrections
    • Titling
    • Creation of Hot Spots
    • Creation of Interactive Experiences
  • Deliverables:
    • Stand Alone Version
    • Web Version
    • Mobile version
    • Responsive Version

    Our experienced team will work closely with you and review your Property in order to come up with the best 360 degree Photo Shoot or 360 degree Video Shoot for your Property in Bandung. As a professional 360 degree Photo shoot and 360 degree Video Shoot Production company in Bandung, we will help you to present your Property in its best form so that it catches the users’ eye instantly.

    Call us today to experience how CMPTL can increase your Profits with our 360 degree Photo and Video Production Services in Bandung.


    Call us todayto experience how CMPTL can increase your Profits with our Services.

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