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How many of us still believe that 90’s were the best time ever? It indeed was! The golden era with it’s simplicity and innocence always makes us want to go back in time. However, as time travelling is still not possible (sigh) we found an alternative. We compiled a few TV commercials from the 90’s which will give you major nostalgia!

CMPTL is well familiar with the major recipes of a successful T.V. commercial. We understand the important components combined to make a classic and memorable T.V advertisement and believe in creating so. Our ideologies involve not only creating quality content but also leaving an impact on the audience that is believable. We aim in capturing the right target audience and to leave a long lasting impression that is beneficial for the brand at large!

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Over the years came such ad campaigns that are still etched in our minds vividly. Brands go out of their way to make their products appear the most appealing, relatable and as memorable as possible. Branding and creating a certain brand image is what is focused upon the most. Below listed brands are certainly going to make you nostalgic as we bring to you one of the greatest ad campaigns of all times that we all have been grown up watching.


We all love Maggi, even it’s highly relatable advertisements. The kind of emotions and humour involved in these ads makes it even more memorable. Maggi has always surprised us with their innovative and quirky campaigns. One such campaign created by Publicis Capital that gathered lots of attention was ‘Me and Meri Maggi’. This campaign involved sharing their maggi moments by the consumers out of which the best stories were to be featured in the coming Maggi advertisements. Such involvement by the most beloved and the most popular company garnered huge attention from their consumers. 




One of the most interesting and popular campaign by Vodafone in order to introduce their 3G message service to it’s target consumers. These animated characters were liked by one and all. Launched during IPL Season 2 the campaign was so successful and the character used in the campaign ‘ZooZoo’ created by ‘Ogilvy & Mather’ became such a huge hit among the Indian audience that it has a huge fan following on social media and several pages are created on social media with a large fan base.


Surf Excel 

In order to win the hearts of their consumers and to create an unforgettable campaign, Surf Excel with the help of a leading ad agency ‘Lowe Lintas’ came up with this campaign in order to imbibe the idea of ‘Dirt is Good’ . The campaign involved series of ads where in one of the ads a brother and a sister can be seen in a school uniform. The sister falls in the dirt and starts crying, in order to cheer her up his brother starts fighting with the mud and gets dirty. This campaign connected with the consumers emotionally and effected their purchasing decisions.



‘Taller Stronger Sharper’ campaign started by ‘James Walter Thompson’ created a lot of buzz among the audience especially the kids, as it was targeted to them, where a certain number of kids were observed as they performed better after consuming ‘Horlicks’. This campaign received a lot of attention and became popular among the kids who were mainly targeted through this campaign. 




This innovative campaign created by ‘Lowe Lintas’ created a lot of storm. With ‘Abhishek Bachchan’ as it’s brand ambassador this campaign with it’s tagline ‘What an Idea Sirji’ was highly appreciated by the audience. The campaign involved many series of ads where a blend of humour and innovation can be seen. An innovative idea is shared by ‘Abhishek Bachchan’ involving the idea network and is seen solving various problems through it. 


 Happy Dent White 

This awarded ad campaign didn’t receive the acceptance it received later when it was in the idea stage, but once it aired it became so popular because of it’s humour and creativity. This ad campaign created by McCann Erickson gathered a lot of popularity among it’s consumers. This humorous ad series included people chewing Happy Dent White use their teeth as a source of light at night. This idea sprouted in the mind of ‘Prasoon Joshi’ and the ad campaign went on to receive various accolades for it’s perfect blend of humour and innovation. 



 The campaign ‘Kuch meetha ho jai’ started by ‘Ogilvy India’ has released several ads under this campaign. It started with the aim to initiate the habit of having chocolate for every special occasion in a country where sweets are preferred more than anything else. This highly successful and creative campaign was widely accepted by the audience and Cadbury was successful in creating its brand loyalty among it’s target audience.



This clever campaign was started in 2003 and the genius mind behind this idea was none other than ‘Prasoon Joshi’. ‘Thanda’ in India means cold drink which is presented with a very clever twist in this ad campaign. Coca-Cola is linked with thanda as ‘Thanda matlab Coca-Cola’ making Coca-Cola synonymous with the word ‘Thanda’ with ‘Aamir Khan’ as it’s Brand Ambassador.



There is no doubt about the fact that social media has taken over the world by storm and has a wider reach and audience. Anything on social media is more viral than anything on T.V. In fact much news on television involves the happenings of social media. The kind of reach and accessibility that social media offers are ideal for advertisements. However the old school method of Television commercials are still not easily going to fade away as a large chunk of audience still watches T.V.


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Trends in advertising industry keeps changing from time to time and this switch from traditional media (i.e. T.V ad, newspaper ad) to different platforms have been gradual. Methods of advertising may change through time but the core motive never changes i.e. to inform and influence the target audience. Whichever medium serves the purpose becomes the priority making all the other mediums secondary to it.


As digital media has completely covered the market with its reach and effectiveness, this era of digital age has brought along with it a lot of additional marketing tools ( that have now become a trend)that are not only cost-effective but also are also highly recommended.

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Ads play a crucial role in influencing the audience as we believe what we see. More than being believable ads are more convincing, especially tourism ads. As tempting as they are these ads mentioned below are certainly going to awake that travel bug in you and would make you want pack your bags and get a break from that monotonous life.

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