Digital marketing has existed since the frequency modulated radio era where shortened attention grabbing voiceovers were advertised.With the advent of television it has grown into a robust industry until the internet's advertising revolution powered by Google AdSense which has re-defined the digital advertising landscape in an irrevokable and streamlined manner.

Google's AdSense is uniquely tailored where in a outwardly simple system, google uses worldwide internet logistics to give massive value to the customer and the smart and successful advertiser.It uses a pay for clicks system where the individual placing the ad gets to pay only for the clicks incurred by the ad and the purpose it has been deployed.When adequate and more people have clicked on the ad in lieu of relevance, it rises in ratings and is more likely and widely available to an audience it can potentially reach and improve the lives of. Google in most cases charges no more than what has been bid for , or they sequentially reduce the price for each click. 

This model deployed by google is streamlined for efficiency and it unconditionally rewards relevant,successful ads placed which enriches the value of google's AdSense simultaneously with the customer experience and the individual placing the ad even makes an excellent deal and ends up paying a fraction of the price of ads through other media and have a much higher percentage of people satisfied by answering to the ad over a much wider demographic than it was imaginable to reach before internet marketing.

 It is safe to say there are countless marketing strategies employed by multiple organizations across the world by carefully calculating and considering the potential audience. Eventually, in the cloud of digital marketing, Google's system is perfectly tailored to achieve the maximum efficiency and most models adapting to this malleable and proven framework and focus on improving the quality of the ad placed is a win-win scenario for all.

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