The birth and growth of different kinds of media has greatly influenced the way marketing and advertising is presently undertaken. This being the case, several companies fail to acknowledge the utility and significance of radio advertising. Even though radios are soon getting outdated, one just cannot discount the fact that nearly 85% of the population tunes into one radio station or another at some point of time.

This is more so when the people are travelling. When one is busy driving and cannot afford to keep switching the songs, one tends to stick to one radio channel. AT this juncture, a person will be completely involved in driving but at the same time will have a ear out, listening to the radio. This is the moment that a radio advertisement can really have a huge effect.

There are a few things that one will have to keep in mind while creating a script for a radio advertisement. The entire script should be short and precise. Unlike a television ad, a viewer will not be engaged visually and hence tends to drift away from the content if he is not held captive within a short period. The script should be short and introduce the main message at the earliest. Some of the best radio ads are generally extremely short and to the point. It also helps if there are jingles and catch phrases and words in the ad so that the listeners are kept interested. This also ensures that the listener will be reminded about the ad frequently which will ultimately result in greater conversion of prospective clients to customers.

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