If you watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon regularly then you would know that the show is all fun and games everything in between. However, Dwayne Johnson brought an all new flavor in the show when he appeared on a recent episode.

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Just before the show was about to wrap up, The Rock said, “There is one more thing I wanted to do before I left tonight, Jimmy. So, I would love to give back to a military family that’s actually here in the audience.”

To everyone’s surprise, Dwayne along with host Jimmy walked past the audience, entered the control room and approached approach producer Karina Kabalan.

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“I hear you’re a producer of this show and you’re an army vet. I heard that you met your husband when you were both deployed in Iraq. And your husband’s name is Todd and he is a master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. And you guys have been living apart for the past year and a half because he’s 5,000 miles away,” said Johnson.

Description: Jimmy Fallon


Her husband sneaked behind his wife and just then The Rock told her, “What Jimmy and I wanted to do for you — we just wanted to thank you and your husband for your service and your sacrifice, and I personally heard you are the most amazing person. And we wanted to bring your husband home for the holidays. Turn around and hug your husband.”

The entire room applauded and many were reduced to happy tears including Jimmy Fallon!

He later took to Twitter and wrote, “I can’t believe we pulled that off. I lost it.”

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