Soon after Student of the year’s release Alia Bhatt has proved her prowess in the acting field and has emerged out to be the most desirable out of all. Her fresh face, looks and her popularity all adds up to the fact that Alia is the new face of advertisements. We are all familiar with her acting talent but her mark in the ad world also deserves a mention as she is considered to be the most bankable star right now. 


Alia being the brand ambassador of this Italian brand reflects the brand image to be fresh, chic and adds a certain style to it. This luxury handbag collection is a must have in your wardrobe and Alia fits into being the perfect choice for this brand as she fills all the spots from being the most influential among the youth to being super classy and sassy at the same time.  



Slightly playful and cheerful side of Alia is seen in this commercial where she is seen with her friend relishing cornetto and how they both fell in love with each other over cornetto. Targeting college crowd and youth being the sole purpose of this ad carries a fresh vibe to it. Utilizing Alia’s mass appeal and influence on youth in just the right manner, has made them achieve amount of attention that the product and the TVC received.   


Make my Trip 

This ad featuring both Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt followed by a series where both of them are featured in different characters has been highly popular on all platforms (TVC, Social Media). The story portrayed by each character in all the series carry a humor appeal thus creating a brand recall. The blend of creativity and humor appeal in this advertisement turns out to be really effective and convincing.  

Frooti Fizz 

This ad created by Sagmeister and Walsh truly matches with Alia’s personality as the crazy and fun element from frooti gets a twist of fizz in it. The ad has a youthful vibe to it which definitely matches with the personality of the actress. The commercial is targeted to the younger audiences who are looking for an alternative and are switching towards healthier options. Alia being a representative of the youth population justifies her position in the ad.    



The portrayal of the brand in the commercial is such that the personality of Alia perfectly matches with the personality of the brand. Although the main highlight of the ad is its trial at home and Alia who portrays herself in the commercial displays the feeling of every young girl who reacts in such a manner after seeing jewelry. The presentation of the commercial involves a pinch of humor along with the information about the brand’s service.  


Cadbury Perk 

Alia can also be seen endorsing this chocolate brand with a humorous and notorious appeal. The brand targets the young chocolate consuming generation where Alia is seen playing a prank on the shopkeeper along with her friend highlighting the fun side of the brand as well as her personality. This ad shows her playful sid and easily connects with the brand personality.  

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