Ads play a crucial role in influencing the audience as we believe what we see. More than being believable ads are more convincing, especially tourism ads. As tempting as they are these ads mentioned below are certainly going to awake that travel bug in you and would make you want pack your bags and get a break from that monotonous life.

Incredible India

This campaign was initiated by the Indian government in 2002 and was executed by Ogilvy & Mather to promote tourism in India. The campaign turned out to be very effective and gained a lot of popularity. The ad featured a tourist who travelled across India and explored the country, its culture and its festivals. The ad vividly shows the kind of hospitality and welcoming nature of Indians and leaves with a sudden urge to pack your bags and to take a round trip around the country. Later, ‘Aamir Khan’ was made the brand ambassador of the campaign and featured in several series of ‘Incredible India’ ads which portrayed the genuine and welcoming nature of Indians and also to spread awareness as to how we preach ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.


Rang hai Malang hai 

If you have never been to Madhya Pradesh this ad will surely give rise to the urge to plan a trip to this historically rich state. This state has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, traditions and festivals. The ‘Rang hai Malang hai’ campaign very creatively displays the major tourist attractions of the state. Vibrant, diverse and culturally rich is what defines this ad. The energy can be felt through the ad as it carries a really fresh vibe with it.



God’s Own Country 

This alluring and exquisite state is surely to make your jaws drop with its ravishing scenic beauty. Kerala also known as God’s own country is a major tourist spot that host thousands of tourists every year. This state has a lot to offer and needs no description regarding its tourist spots. Kerala is considered to be a major tourist spot. Being a family vacation spot Kerala is surely a place that will leave you spell bounded. 


Rajasthan Tourism 

Being true to the spirit of ‘Padharo Maare Desh’, this series of ads with the tagline ‘Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye’ is definitely going to leave a smile on your face. The ad features tourist exploring the vibrant and magnificent beauty of Rajasthan and how each of them experiences the state in a different way. The ad features that the experience of the scenic beauty of Rajasthan and its hospitality may appear differently to different people. Every ad of the series has a surprise twist to it, making it more engaging and fun to watch.



North-East Tourism 

The calmness and serenity of North-East is what the ad captures in a really beautiful way. The ad features the culture, traditions and most importantly the breathtaking beauty of North-East with its vast land features, makes you feel like shifting to North-east right away. The tribal culture, monasteries of the state with its aesthetic beauty will surely make you want to pack your bags! 




With grandness in name, the ad portrays how the state is a bend of culture, history and traditions and holds people of belonging to any community. This state is not only large in terms of land but is also vast in terms of its picturesque beauty. Maharashtra is a state that defines grandness with its rich history and culture. The ad captures the true spirit of Maharashtra, with its diversity in all aspects from religion, architecture, wildlife to the most beautiful natural landscapes. This ad will surely make you feel its grandness virtually and leave you with a desire to turn this virtual experience into a real one.



India is blessed with rich and luscious mountains where 73% of Himalayas are in India. With the most beautiful and visually appealing mountains, Himalayas are a major tourist attraction. The picturesque beauty of Himalayas is indefinable and the ad covers every detail of it. The breathtaking view of the Himalayas featured in the ad will definitely give rise to the feeling of wanderlust in you. 


Jammu & Kashmir 

For a heavenly experience do visit Jammu & Kashmir. As this breathtaking state is considered to be one of the most beautiful and a major tourist spot the heart of Kashmir is Dal Lake. The majestic and mesmerizing beauty of this place cannot be defined only through words, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that has to be experienced by everybody. 


Telangana Tourism 

The grandness of Telangana can be seen through this tourism ad which truly defines the spectacular and captivating beauty of Telangana. This newly formed state has a lot to offer with lots of places of architectural importance filled with deep history and culture. Ranging from food to culture to ancient history, this state covers all aspects of an ideal tourist spot. This tourism ad featuring Telangana as a tourist spot will definitely give you chills with it’s impressive and striking beauty.  

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