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In this section we have showcased voice over samples of various International artists & Indian artists. Please go through the above samples and let us know if you are interested in using any of these for your projects.

We will be glad to provide you professional voice over service for your project and make it a grand success.


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Chuck Fresh  

Play Commercial More + Chuck Fresh - America Dont settle for a boring, run-of-the-mill voice on your next project. Keep people interested by using voiceovers by Chuck Fresh Chuck is a former DJ and trained voice actor with over 15 years experience whose voices include the classic commanding God-like male announcer rude New Yorkers toothless Hillbillies wily Jamaicans and even some celebrities.

Garfield Maitland 

Play Commercial Play Informative Play Character More + Garfield Maitland - America Garfield Maitland is a New York born and raised voice-talent with a strong background in public speaking and on-camera commercial work. His athletic look has garnered bookings for USA Today, Wrigleys, Details Magazine, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Windex, and Promos for NBC News. He has performed voice-over for various childrens books, industrials and corporate video presentations.

Jim OHara 

Play Commercial More + Jim OHara - America Jim has performed voiceover work for the past 12 years, specializing in radio/TV image and promo campaigns, but including video/film narration and commercials. His previous background was as a radio personality and in radio program management.

John Barone 

Play Commercial More + John Barone - America John was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to California in 1988. He got into radio in 1992 and took numerous voice over and diction classes, and has worked on numerous radio formats including: hot country, hot a/c, alternative, classic rock, and is presently working at Q92.5 Oldies That Jam, playing R&B oldies. John is enthusiastic and is willing to make his business work for your business.

John Cooney 

Play Commercial Play Informative Play Character More + John Cooney - America John was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to California in 1988. He got into radio in 1992 and took numerous voice over and diction classes, and has worked on numerous radio formats including: hot country, hot a/c, alternative, classic rock, and is presently working at Q92.5 Oldies That Jam, playing R&B oldies. John is enthusiastic and is willing to make his business work for your business.

John Saunders 

Play Commercial More + John Saunders - America An American, John has had his voice hired countless times by a wide range of clients. In the states, John runs his own business doing free-lance voice overs for cable and radio advertisers in twelve states. He also has countless hours of public announcing and has plenty of experience in narrating various video productions.

Jorge  Infante

Play Commercial More + Jorge - America ’m a Spanish and English speaking professional male voiceover artist and was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México in 1970. I grew up experiencing the music and arts scene, as my father was a music director and teacher at a local University “Universidad Regiomontana, Difusión Cultural”.

Ron Harris 

Play Commercial More + Ron Harris - America Ron Harris has been a professional actor, singer, radio broadcaster, voiceover talent and commercial copywriter for over 15 years. Presently working for an international broadcasting/media company as a radio broadcaster and news-anchor. Is versatile in mimicking accents and can do either hard or soft sells. Also brings a musical background with him, so he can be utilized for jingles as well. Professional, responsible and experienced sums him up.

Ronald  Moore

Play Commercial More + Ronald - America A 25-year broadcast veteran who began his career as a scientist in orbital mechanics with the space program only to come back down to earth as a radio program host for many years with stations in Kansas City and Lincoln, NE. Fascinated by amateur radio at an early age, he has enjoyed a long professional career with KLIN and KMBR radio and today as Production Director with Sinclair Communications KCIY & KXTR in Kansas City, all the while handling voiceover production for many stations right across America.

T.J. Maggio 

Play Commercial Play Informative More + T.J. Maggio - America TJ Maggio is an American male voice talent based in New Orleans with 18 years experience and perfect delivery every time. T.J. has become one of the most respected talents in his field. His voice is heard in the U.S. Canada, Caribbean, and around the globe. On radio, TV, websites, on hold messages, CD-ROMs, and other media. T.J. CAN and WILL deliver the perfect read/production for your projects every time! Quick and Affordable!

Tony Wolfe 

Play Commercial Play Informative Play Character More + Tony Wolfe - America Man of a thousand voices…give or take a few – at least that’s what his business cards read. Tony Wolfe has been providing character voices, impressions, station imaging, narration, straight reads, and not so straight reads since 1982. He is very versatile, and a directors dream. Tony spent 14 years doing characters and impressions for a morning show based in Louisville, KY. He works well with impromptu situations and has also done stand-up comedy.

Troy Duran 

Play Commercial Play Character More + Troy Duran - America If your image is important to you, please consider Troy Durans services. He promises to deliver your message with incredible fidelity, total dedication to quality, and on-demand delivery. Troy uses state-of-the-art equipment to assure the best sound possible, and guarantee your satisfaction. Delivery is as fast as you need it – ISDN, mp3, wav, DGS, or FedEx.

Mike Harrison 

Play Commercial More + Mike Harrison - My radio career began at the age of 20, on-air, plus writing and producing commercials. Two years later, while remaining in radio, I joined a local production company as in-house narrator AND producer of audio tracks for corporate/industrial media presentations. Several years later, I left radio and corporate communications to to grow a small advertising agency geared for radio, winning two Finalist awards in the International Radio Festival of New York.

Scott Shurian 

Play Commercial More + Scott Shurian - America Over 25 Years as a Voice Actor Scott Shurians range as a voice actor is as inclusive and varied as his client list and work experience. With over 25 years in the business, its safe to say that Scott has done it all. Media and formats he has worked in include TV, motion pictures, DVD, CD ROM, corporate video, educational projects, web presentations, ADR, looping, and storytelling.

Dov Oxenberg 

Play Commercial More + Dov Oxenberg - America I started out in the military with the American Forces Radio and Television Service. After I got out it was impossible to get a job and I ended up working in the transportation industry for about 12 years. In 1989 I moved to Florida and began working as a mobile dj performing at various social events.

Robert Jacobs 

Play Commercial More + Robert Jacobs - America As a broadcaster and voice talent, Robert Jacobs work has spanned the globe from New York City to Los Angles and Japan. Robert was an award winning air talent at the ABC/Disney Flagship FM station, WPLJ for 15 years. His voice has been heard on projects for a diverse clientele, including The Late Show with David Letterman, The Ultimate Fighter Championship on PPV, the US Army, The City Of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Childrens Hospital and many more.

Dean Trianos 

Play Commercial More + Dean Trianos - America Dean is an audiogenic male voice talent whos warm, spirited tone and down-to-earth believability reach the target audience with the intended message desired.

Russ Handler 

Play Commercial Play Informative Play Character More + Russ Handler - America I am a 20 year veteran of Radio and TV, I do it all in a fast, courteous and reliable way. I consider my professional relationships as a partnership and Ill work with you until we get it right for the client no matter what it takes.

Peter Drew 

Play Commercial More + Peter Drew - America Versatile. Believable. Directable. From precisely spoken medical narration to mumbling (with a Western cowboy accent nonetheless!), Peter has done it all to bring a script to life.

Jeremiah Costello 

Play Commercial More + Jeremiah Costello - America My name is Jeremiah Costello and I am an American actor from Upstate New York, presently living in Hamburg Germany. I have had a well rounded acting background and have had professional experience both in Europe, and in America. In addition to English, I am also fluent in German, and work occasionally doing vocal work in German as well.




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