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In this section we have showcased voice over samples of various International artists & Indian artists. Please go through the above samples and let us know if you are interested in using any of these for your projects.

We will be glad to provide you professional voice over service for your project and make it a grand success.


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"Creative Mediapulse were extremely quick in delivering a very desirable model that helped me save time and money"

Neil Smith
NBS Studio, London, UK

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Zubair Haider
Ajmal Perfumery,Dubai


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Wuzhi Lu 

Play Commercial More + Wuzhi Lu - China PROFESSIONALLY-TRAINED MANDARIN CHINESE VOICE ARTIST AWARD-WINNING TV & RADIO BROADCASTER Wuzhi was born and raised in Harbin, China.

Bernardo Tan 

Play Commercial Play Informative More + Bernardo Tan - China Anchor & Host on Southwest Jiaotong University Radio. Part-time Anchor & Host on Sichuan Minjiang Music Radio. Recorded several segments of conference radio for Microsoft (China)

Jan Walravens 

Play Commercial Play Informative More + Jan Walravens - German Professional native French and German voice talent with state of the art homestudio now ready to serve YOU worldwide ! More than 15 years experience in both French and German voiceover branding for some of the most recognized companies in Europe and in the world.

Stefan Barth 

Play Commercial More + Stefan Barth - German Stefan Barth has worked as a DJ and Voice talent since 1994. His Specialty: Writing, acting and producing radio comedy

Karel Van Cooten 

Play Commercial More + Karel Van Cooten - Dutch Karel van Cooten was a national Radio host for more than 15 years. His voice has a deep warm sound.

Jeroen Kramer 

Play Commercial More + Jeroen Kramer - Dutch Amsterdam based Dutch top voice. 16 years of TV- and radio experience. High in demand in the Netherlands for commercials, corporates and audio books. Fast internet delivery through ftp or mail.of Wav’s or mp3′s from ProTools studio.

Ilari Hoevenaars 

Play Commercial More + Ilari Hoevenaars - Dutch tour guide, Norwegian Cruises flight attendant, Lufthansa German Airlines professional reader/sound engineer, Centre for Spoken Matter news reader/editor ANP Radio (Dutch national radio)

JD DiAngelis 

Play Commercial More + JD DiAngelis - Canada JD has been serving as narrator for multiple documentaries (Emmy-nominated narrator), Live radio show host, radio and television Station Image Voice, news director, sports reporter, as well as off air products including interactive kiosks, on-hold servicing, time and temperature, emergency store/facilities announcements, car alarms and even interactive dvd programming for children.

Martin Yap 

Play Commercial More + Martin Yap - A Toronto based Non-Union Voice Talent who has done work for such clients as Alcatel, Alliance Atlantis, Bayer Canada, Scholastic Canada and QTN.

Dana Negrey 

Play Commercial More + Dana Negrey - Canada am a voice talent and voice actor introducing myself to studios, directors, production managers and talent coordinators, and companies who could benefit from my voiceover services.

Richard A Nichols 

Play Commercial More + Richard A Nichols - Canada With his mid-Atlantic accent, Richard A. Nichols has the kind of solid, ‘bloke-next-door’ delivery that adds credibility to any audio project.

Bruce Hayward 

Play Commercial Play Informative Play Character More + Bruce Hayward - Canada Bruce Hayward was on-air for 6½ years at five radio stations in Ontario, Canada. He has been providing his professional voice talent to producers in the Toronto, Ontario area and beyond since 1987.

Jeff Rechner 

Play Commercial More + Jeff Rechner - Canada voice imaging for radio and television, movie trailers, commercial voiceovers, corporate and industrial narration, character voices.

Marty Lamarre 

Play Commercial More + Marty Lamarre - Canada Ive done voice work for Nike, Pepsi, Lays, MTV USA, Time Warner and others in both French and English. Ive done TV VOs for both RDS in Quebec and TSN in Canada.

Tim Van 

Play Commercial Play Informative More + Tim Van - Belgian Tim Van Renterghems interest in radio and broadcasting started at a very early age. When he was eight years old he used to play ‘radio’ on an old “Telefunken”, imitating a real radio station.

Michael Corkill 

Play Commercial Play Informative Play Character More + Michael Corkill - Australia Michael has been working in the Australian radio and voice-over industry for nearly 20 years. He spent a number of very pleasurable years on the wireless in country NSW and Victoria making lifelong friendships, before heading for the big smoke and capital city radio at 2GB and 2CH.

Matt Cowlrick 

Play Commercial More + Matt Cowlrick - Australia Matty C. is ready to rock out some voice overs for you at the microphone! Want commercials? Done. Industrials and narrations? You got it. Characters for animation, video games and whatever? He’s all over it.

Jason Gray 

Play Commercial More + Jason Gray - Australia Jason Grays attachment to the microphone started 20 years ago when he started as a presenter on Central West Radio in Western Australia. He was responsible for writing, producing and voicing scores of commercials. After a brief stint in Germany working in quality control for a major furniture manufacturer (still doesnt know how he scored that job) he has been back home in Australia and talking ever since!!

James Cutchey 

Play Commercial More + James Cutchey - Australia I am a professional VOA in Australia and Radio Announcer. I also do a lot of voice work in America. Usually spot production where clients are looking for a different voice or the clients are having Australia themed events or products to sell. As an example, I voice the in store promotions for Kangaroo Express service stations.

Garrath Cockerell 

Play Commercial More + Garrath Cockerell - Australia I have worked in commercial radio for 14 years covering breakfast and the “drive” slot for most of my time, and also MC work on a weekly basis. I currently do weekly voice over sessions in commercial radio in Melbourne including Triple M and Fox FM.




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