5 Fashion trends brought in by Padmavati

Padmavati has not only created a lot of stir in the country even before its release but has also found a place in the hearts of it’s audience through it’s authenticity and grandeur. Since it’s trailer released the film has received mixed reviews from around the world but one thing we can all agree upon is how breathtaking Deepika is looking as ‘Queen Padmvati’. The spark in her eyes and her attitude as the queen is on point. Deepika’s royal and grand look that she has pulled off in the film with her breathtaking expressions and personality looks promising. This film is going to set some major fashion trends as ‘Padmavati’ fever is already spreading and it’s huge!

As believable as it looks, the royal look is desired by every bride this season. Deepika has set a benchmark with every period drama that she has been on. It started with Ramleela, then came Bajirao Mastani and is growing enormously with ‘Padmavati’. The designer duo that worked on the costumes for the film was ‘Rimple & Harpreet Narula’. They have given a new dimension and shape to the traditional dressing pattern and have introduced an alluring and elegant style this wedding season. The fascination that the trailer itself created among the audience not only for the film but also for the glamorous and irresistible look that the cast and especially Deepika has sported in this Epic drama is growing rapidly. We find ourselves guilty in being drenched with this ‘Padmavati’ fever as well and have mainly compiled the major trends that we are currently obsessing over.

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Fashion Trends that shocked us!

No matter how many times we swear by the major fashion goals that this industry gives us, there are times when the industry took us by surprise with it’s out of the box dressing style and it’s unconventional fashion trends. Fads (temporary fashion trends) create a stir every season and fade away easily as these are very short-lived and hence called Fads. A blend of comfort and fashion defines one’s style statement but unconventional style sometimes does not work out for everybody and gradually makes it’s way out!


While some trends like evergreen denims create history and are still followed and worn widely, but sadly some trends are not able to make a mark among the masses and fails to impress the fashion police. Influence and inspiration from the celebrities is common which is why stars try to nail every public appearance that they make. We have compiled a list of fashion trends that ended up being disasters and probably we are guilty for trying many of them.

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Fashion Tips that you should strive by

Looking picture perfect all the time is difficult but not impossible. We’ve got you some of the most basic and easy fashion tips for the perfect look for you to achieve the next time you step out of the house. These simple yet effective tips will make your overall look effortless and daunting. Thank us later!


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Deepika’s Fashion Evolution over the years

Deepika is ruling the entertainment industry with her undeniable charm and enchanting personality. Her majestic and appealing presence on screen has won millions of hearts! We have also seen her talent as the most versatile actress with some of the finest performances given by her in Ramleela and Bajirao Mastani. The Padmavati actress has not only made her mark in the industry with her acting skills but has also appeared to be one of the biggest fashionista of Bollywood in the contemporary times. Her appearances on the Red Carpet have always been simultaneously the most awaited and breathtaking.

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Fashion trends for Winter Season

Winter is round the corner and we are gearing up for this season in style. This season brings in a lot of opportunities to experiment as one can pair their garments with different options and style their look. Winters always brings in the charm with heavy dressing and covering yourself in layers. No matter how much we shiver we cannot get enough of this season.


We bring to you various fashion trends to be seen this winter season.

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