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Distressed Fashion: The torn clothing trend

Previously, torn and burnt clothes were considered to be the ‘fashion of the homeless’ (as our parents love to stress on). But now, not so. Distressed fashion has now reached new highs and popularity with its almost ubiquitous presence in cloth stores across the globe. It is not a new fashion which has emerged suddenly out of the blue; rather it is an old one with new twists. The distressed clothes now worn by the socialites and celebrities are of the next level with their ‘shredded’ and ‘extreme’ looks and although, they might not seem to please some of the fashion police, they are definitely a hit among the celebrities and hence, the public. However, one should not be fooled by the looks of it and consider them to be low price shows. Negative! It may be hard to believe but the clothes bearing the distressed look are some of the most expensive ones in the store.


Out of all the distressed fashion clothing, the ripped and distressed jeans are the most preferred and look upon ones. With different experiments of cuts, stitches and tear, the ripped jeans are a sure favourite of the distress fashion lovers, which has also been sported by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna among others.



However, the ‘extremeness’ of this style is now raising the eyebrows of many. Recently Carmar Denim released a new line of very expensive ripped jeans – the “Extreme cut out jeans”, which faced a lot of criticism from the fashion critics for their unbelievably high price and low jeans quantity, with many people trolling and criticizing the company and the jeans on various social media sites.


With the words “Distressed fashion”, the only piece of clothing which flashes into our mind is of the ripped jeans. However, the distressed fashion includes other clothing types and styles like – the distressed overalls, shorts, t-shirts, dresses, etc.



Despite being slammed and criticized by few from the public as well as from the fashion critics, the distressed fashion has continued to survive through decades and might still continue doing so for a long period of time.













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